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From Romania
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I was born in Romania in the town of Strehaia.

I mostly do traditional drawings in the manga/anime style or otherwise cartoony-type styles (realism tests my patience greatly and as such is not my preference, though given time I can do realistic drawings as well). I sometimes do pixel art/animations as well and I also post pictures of my treasured rock, mineral, and fossil specimens in my collection. I started an RPG/manga series called Kronarth Quest with my friend in 7th grade. It died for a while, but I am currently working on it again.

I play Minecraft (almost exlusively on servers; username is TheToxicGemstone) and am a fan of the Pokemon games; in fact, I have been since my first one (which was Pokemon Emerald). I also used to be big on Magic: The Gathering and still have a shitload of cards. I wouldn't consider myself a true anime nerd, but I'm probably close to the edge. Favorites include Death Note, Daily Life with a Monster Girl (aka Monster Musume), Dangan Ronpa, FMA, Persona 3/Persona 4, and Hellsing/HS Ultimate.

I do take in interest in military weapons/vehicles. Military aircraft in particularly have had a special place in my heart since I was a child.

My art is purely for shits, as my professional/academic interest and pursuit is in geology (hence my rock/mineral collection). I have been drawing since I was around 6 yrs. old.

Music-wise, I like most genres but I have a particular fondness for EDM/synth/dubstep/DNB/otherwise electronic music. The releases in the Monstercat albums are of particular notworthiness, and tracks from Pendulum, VNV Nation, And One, and The Prodigy are also among my favorites.

Personality-wise, expect a good deal of swearing and sarcasm when you deal with me as well as a heap of cynical attitudes, esp. in regards to politics and humanity as a whole. However, I am also rather intelligent and do try to take into account all possibilities (whether they actually matter in my final decisions/judgements is another story). I'm rather selectively social irl; that is to say, if I feel social at the time, I'll be social (which isn't terribly often). I also am generally very blunt and open, esp. when it relates to personal opinion.


Religious Affiliation: Agnostic (I tend to see religion as not my problem)

Favorite Color(s): Black, blues and purples, reds, and silver

Zodiac Sign (Western): Sagittarius

Zodiac Sign (Chinese): Pig (of element Wood)

Spirit Animal: Snake

Guiding Chakra(s): Indigo (Third Eye), Blue (Throat), and Red (Root)

Birthstone(s) (according to the Modern Birthstone Chart by the American Gem Association): Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite

If I Was a Pokemon, My Type(s) Would Be: Poison/Psychic

Biggest Fear: Death, specifically mine (everything else I'm afraid of is because it can kill me)

Pet Peeve(s): Stupidity, bullshit, my less-than-desirable luck, others with mental impairments or otherwise can't keep up with me

Other Websites I Actively Go On: Youtube, various Wikias
Made an animated RPG sprite icon of me and now it's my deviantart avatar. 
  • Listening to: nada
  • Reading: the text I'm typing
  • Watching: the screen
  • Playing: nada
  • Eating: nada
  • Drinking: nada

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