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From Romania
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I was born in Romania in the town of Turnu Severin.

Mihai Margineanu is technically not my legal name, but it was the name I was born with before I was adopted and brought to the US and it's the name I will forever identify myself with inside (I will not reveal my real name for security reasons). I swear a lot. Get the fuck used to it. Some of my art is also kind of sexual in nature (the ones that are anything serious are labeled as Mature).
I prefer drawing on paper than digital drawing. A lot of my stuff will be traditional drawing. I also make a lot of memes on my phone using an app. Some of them will be funny, some of them won't be (I'm pretty hit or miss when it comes to humor, and about 75% of the time, I'm miss).
I am not necessarily religious and normally try to stay out of religious affairs (on the grounds that they lead to Internet flare-wars and that type of bullshit); however I do believe in Heaven and Hell, and in particular I find the mythology behind them to be interesting (Hell more so than Heaven). However, I find Greco-Roman mythology to be tens of times more interesting. I am one of the creatorsr and current owner of Kronarth Quest, which was originally gonna be an RPG video game and anime/manga series but has unfortunately devolved into nothing but drawings, mostly of Sylvester van Umbrus (me as the main character of the series).
On Clash of Clans I have two accounts: one called Kerberos and one called ThatOneLoser. I also play Minecraft and Super Smash Bros Brawl a bit. I used to play Pokémon A LOT. My first love for video games began with Pokémon Emerald Version. I've also had Silver, Yellow, Sapphire (but wanted Ruby 'cause Groudon is a badass), Leaf Green, Fire Red, Diamond, Pearl, and White versions. I really wanted Black 2 and Y version, and really want Omega Ruby. I also had the spin off games Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Explorers of Darkness (I was a Meowth in RRT and a Chimchar in EOD). My nature would be Quirky (that's why I was Meowth in RRT). I always pick the Fire-type starter because they're always the best for me (although I'll admit that Fennekin is kinda gay, especially in its first evolution form. Also, my first starter ever was a Mudkip, and I'll admit Swampert is a badass, especially in its Mega form). Other type favorites are Dark, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, Steel, and Ghost (I think the Fairy type is fucking stupid). Surprisingly, I HATE the Pokémon anime.
I'm pretty much a loser with no life...I couldn't score with the ladies if my life depended on it. I like gothic-type fashion (but don't necessarily wear it) and most often wear black.
My biggest pet peeve is when someone calls me gay, as I am most certainly not and hate it when people accuse me of being something I'm not. I am 100% straight and always will be. I also have a slight femdom fetish (nothing real hardcore but light femdom). I also have a strong affinity for succubi (basically demon or devil girls; look it up if you wanna know more).
I am big on geology (in fact, that's my major right now in college and what I hope to get a career in eventually). I have a bitchin' rock, mineral, and fossil collection (many of my best samples are uploaded here in my Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils folder in my gallery). I also like astronomy and the associated mythologies/backstories behind the constellations, especially the zodiac signs (I'm a Sagittarius, btw).
That's about it, really....
I got Pharika, God of Afflictions (at long last!), am officially graduating from high school next week, and thanks to Sarah/her friends and this Youtube video series, I now want the video game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc but have nothing to play it with.
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